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I'm a feminist but.... catalogue essay

text by Eleanor scicchitano

Lines of site

text by Dr grace blakely carroll

Jacqueline Bradley - Soft mechanics.

Text by Yolande Norris

Jacqueline bradley - the outdoors type

Text by Annika Hardking

Innerspace - curated exhibition

text by david broker

A becoming portrait

text by michael desmond


Jacqueline Bradley discusses her wearable sculpture 'Dredging jacket' 2015. Cameras: Chris Bennie, Mick Richards Sound recording: Chris Bennie, Mick Richards Editor: Chris Bennie

The Outdoors Type is Jacqueline Bradley's investigation into her own interactions with the Australian landscape. Bradley creates series of costumes and props using sewing and found objects, which are intended to bridge the gap between the artist and the natural environment. 




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